About the comic

In old medieval times, There stood the prosperous and strong kingdom of WhiteCrest. The kingdom was run by knights who live by the code of chivalry, and keep their kingdom as safe as can be.

In the village of Whitecrest lived 16 year old Garen, a hard working red fox peasant who supports his family by working all day, everyday. Garen lived his life as a blacksmith apprentice, and has been overworked by his father since he was young. All in all, Garen believed he lived the good life, he had friends, a loving family, and was not willing to change a thing...Until his life changed. A decree was sent out by the king, requesting that all firstborn sons must enroll in the army at once, since a recent mission wiped out nearly half of the kingdom's knights. Garen fights this, but has no choice but to follow it.

Garen learns the truth about the kingdom after meeting with the castle's keeper, and meets rivals along the way. The knights of the castle tried to keep the keeper's information classified, since she held information of all kinds. In a series of hardships and troubles, He leaves behind the life of a peasant to take on the new life of a knight, and works to decipher the code of the keeper that could possibly unfold a whole new future for their kingdom.